Speaking to the Gap: Health Disparities and Mortality in Indian Country

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Historical and ongoing patterns of colonial violence, racism, and the exploitation of Indigenous lands and peoples translate into a host of health disparities, including higher rates of infant and maternal mortality and lowered life expectancy for American Indians in Oregon. Covid has only exacerbated the situation, constraining access to health care. Featuring Danica Brown, M.S.W, Ph.D., Choctaw of the Watonlak Oshi “White Crane'' clan, Behavioral Health Programs Director, Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board; Melanie Henshaw, Muscogee (Creek), Indigenous Affairs Reporter for Street Roots; and Stephen Fawcett, WSU student in Microbiology; with facilitation by Meagan Lobnitz, Associate Professor of English, WSU Vancouver.

Native American family; public domain photo: https://picryl.com/media/native-american-family-smiling-01df59


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