Portland Textile Month Oct 2022

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Tue, 10/18/2022 - 11:30am to 12:00pm
Kindra Crick
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Limei Lai
Charlie Wilcox
Kindra Crick, Limei Lai and Charlie Wilcox

On Tuesday, October 18, 2022, Joseph Gallivan interviews artists Kindra Crick, Limei Lai [PRONOUNCED LEE-may LIE] and Charlie Wilcox, as part of Portland Textile Month. Their group show is on now at the landscape architecture company PLACE in Northwest Portland, through October 26.

This interview was recorded on a Pixel 6 phone and edited and engineered by KBOO volunteer Ray Bodwell. https://kboo.fm/blog/55224

From the press release:

Kindra Crick



Limei Lai  



Charlie Wilcox.






This October the PTXM festival will explore the theme of Regeneration. Through the loss and dislocation we have collectively experienced, how have our myths, rituals, and symbols sparked joy and regeneration within our textile practices? What are the reflections that have inspired and shuttled us through uncertain times? And what role do art, community building, protesting, teaching, sharing, and grieving play in regenerating the communities and worlds we inhabit?




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Joseph Gallivan has been a reporter since 1990. He has covered music for the London Independent, Technology for the New York Post, and arts and culture for the Portland Tribune, where he is currently a Feature Writer. He is the author of two novels, "Oi, Ref!" and "England All Over" which are available on Amazon.com



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