Abenaki Beadworker Rhonda Besaw + Abenaki Women discussing Gender Issues, Identity and Community Issues in Vermont


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Deb Reger
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Mon, 08/22/2022 - 8:00am to 9:00am


Mocassin Tracks --

In this podcast, a segment of the radio show Moccasin Tracks, we talk with Abenaki Beadworker Rhonda Besaw. She tells us about a shop in Littleton, NH where she first saw beadwork and thought she would like to try!! This is the first time Rhonda has used her computer to reach the radio station and we are so honored to have her share on the radio with us.

We talk about inspiration, dreams and the beauty of beadwork.



On May 21, 2022, The Lost Nation Theater hosted this panel of Abenaki Women discussing Abenaki Gender Issues, Identity and Community Issues relating to the Abenaki Bands and Tribes in the currently known land of Vermont. Moccasin Tracks is honored to have been able to video and record this event. Thank-you to the Lost Nation Theater for offering the venue and to Kim Bent for facilitating this event. We are also grateful for community access TV for loaning Moccasin Tracks equipment and editing space at the station and for also broadcasting our humble videos. Lost Nation Theater is at Old City Hall, Montpelier, Vermont.


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Produced by Deb Reger, 99.9FM and North Country Community Radio, New Hampshire

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Released on 07-26-2022


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