Slug control, strawberries, and protecting apples

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Wed, 07/13/2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Yep, mating slugs
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Hood strawberry
Glen "bagging" apples
Record rainfall might mean more slugs and plant diseases. And a look at organic vs. inorganic fertilizers.

Alas, we weren't able to have a live show last month, but we will this month. We will cover what we would have for June, and have new information for this month. Here's the description from last month:

Host Glen Andresen and guest Jim Gilbert discuss ways to protect your apples from coddling moth larvae and apple maggot damage (i.e. worms). Plus, all this rain has brought on a bumper crop of…slugs, and we talk about the many ways gardeners use to control them, and some even work! (And a mention of mole and gopher control, too.) Also, Jim talks about syptoms of disease on quince, pear, medlar, peach, and other fruit trees that might be the result of our cold, wet weather. And we will talk about the differences between organic and inorganic fertilizers. Fianlly, Jim has another chapter in our look at Oregon's unique land use planning laws.

As always, we'll have a new Plant of the Month (day-neutral vs. everybearing strawberries) and a new Garden Stumper (the winner gets a free sharpening of a hand tool from Cully Farm Store in Northeast Portland!). Plus, our Dirtbag Dictionary term  is "healing in."  And, of course, what's annoying Glen this month.

Don't forget, if you have a gardening question, and don't want to call in, you can always email us at -- we'll answer your question on the air during the next show. Furthermore, you can record a voice memo of your gardening question on your phone and email that to us. We will play it on the air next month and answer your question.

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