Fruits from Ukraine, mycorrhizal fungus, planting bare root and potted plants


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Wed, 04/13/2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
apple blossoms and snow event April 11, 2022
Fruiting plants Jim brought back from Ukraine, planting onions seedlings vs. bulbs, and the differences in planting bare root and potted plants.

Host Glen Andresen and guest Jim Gilbert devote the first segment to the fruits that Jim "discovered" in Ukraine and brought back to Oregon to breed and propogate. Plus the difference in planting onion seeds vs. onion sets (or bulbs) and in bare root planting vs. potted plants.

As always, we'll have a new Plant of the Month (it would have been plants we regret planting, but we didn't have time for this segment; we'll cover it next month) and a new Garden Stumper and the answer to last month's Stumper (and the winner gets a free sharpening of a hand tool from Cully Farm Store in Northeast Portland!). Plus, our Dirtbag Dictionary term  is "mycorrhizal fungus."  And, of course, what's annoying Glen this month.

Don't forget, if you have a gardening question, or the answer to the Garden Stumper, you can email us at -- we'll answer your question on the air during the next show! Furthermore, you can record a voice memo of your gardening question on your phone and email that to us. We will play it on the air next month and answer your question.

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