"Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival," with the author, Richard Heinberg


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Wed, 12/15/2021 - 8:00am to 9:00am
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Extraordinary new book explores the physical and social dimensions of power in all its forms



Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute and author of 13 previous books, has appeared numerous times on KBOO. His new book, Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival, is a sweeping and in-depth investigation of the workings of power in the natural and social worlds. It traces how four key elements developed to give huimans extraordinary power: tool-making ability, language, social complexity, and the ability to harness energy sources--mostsignificantly, fossil fuels. It asks whether we have, at this point, overpowered natural and social systems, and if we have, what we can do about it. It is a most timely book.

Heinberg also serves on the advisory board of The Climate Mobilization, a grassroots advocacy group calling for a national economic mobilization against climate change on the scale of the home front during World War II, with the goal of 100% clean energy and net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Heinberg joins program host Paul Roland for a lively and wide-ranging discussion. To join the conversation, call the KBOO studio line at 503-231-8187. We will be offering up to five of the books during the program as premiums for our end of the year membership drive for a membership-level donation of $60 or more. Please go to kboo.fm/give to contribute, or text KBOO to 44321, or mail it in to 20 SE 8th Ave., Portland, OR 97214. Thanks for helping to keep this vital community service and resource going strong!

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