"That Vegan Show" - Bunny Edition!


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Fri, 11/26/2021 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
Interview of Avalon Microsanctuary (Portland, OR) and Dolly`s Dream Home Rabbit Rescue (St. Louis, MO)

This show will focus on rabbit rescue and care, with special guests Katie from Dolly`s Dream Home Rescue, and Eilan from Avalon Microsanctuary. Since I have been following their social media pages, I have become aware of the high need for rabbit fosters and adopters. We will discuss where these rabbits are coming from and how these organzaitions are facilitating their rescue and care. I hope you will join us!

Avalon Microsanctuary: "We are a small animal and exotics micro-sanctuary nestled just south of Portland, Oregon. We do our very best to assist all creatures of ALL kinds with placement, transport, medical care, and more. Avalon has experience with all sorts of creatures, not limited to but including, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards/geckos, mice, pigs, calves, chickens, quail, goats, ducks, and roosters!" https://sites.google.com/view/welcome-to-avalon

Dolly`s Dream Home: "Dolly’s Dream Home is a rabbit rescue located in the St. Louis area of Missouri. We specialize in giving homes to rabbits in need, as well as educating people on rabbits and rabbit care. We utilize a foster-based system, which we believe allows each bunny to get individual attention both for their well-being and for their health." https://www.dollysdreamhome.org

Vegan News: David Michelson shares about the Oregon Initiative Petition 13 (IP 13), which, if inacted, would remove many of the exemptions from Oregon`s laws against animal abuse, animal neglect, and animal sexual assault. For more information, go to https://www.yesonip13.org/

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