Fall Film Festivals

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Thu, 10/22/2009 - 12:00am
Fall Film Festivals

S.W. Conser and Natalie Butto profile the inaugural PDX African American Film Festival, the 36th annual Northwest Film and Video Festival, the Siren Nation Women's Arts Festival, and Stage 13's monthly evening of Russian cinema and culture.



Thanks Natalie for the pleasant interview—just thought I'd add again that if anyone has questions about the 36th Northwest Film & Video Festival, BarCamp or anything happening at the Northwest Film Center, they can check out our web site: nwfilm.org or e-mail me, thomas @ nwfilm.org (no spaces).  The Fest begins November 6 and BarCamp NWFilm is Saturday, November 7.Thomas PhillipsonArtist ServicesNorthwest Film Center

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