Imago Theatre: Satie's Journey

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Fri, 10/22/2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm


Imago Theatre continues its radio theater series on KBOO this fall with Satie's Journey, a new and adventurous music-theater work, from librettist Jerry Mouawad and composer Marisa Wildeman. Conductor Ben España with a chamber ensemble made up of three live vocalist and five live instrumentalists will be presenting a concert performance of the music from a new and adventurous dramatic chamber work from librettist Jerry Mouawad and composer Marisa Wildeman. The piece resurrects the spirit of Erik Satie, a groundbreaking, eccentric, fin de siècle composer who shielded dry umbrellas under his coat (no matter the weather) and stacked two grand pianos in his apartment (for reasons unknown). With a fanciful narrative indebted to Mouawad’s teen years in Beirut and Wildeman's dreamscape score weaving fragments of Satie with traditional Middle Eastern sounds, Satie's Journey delves into the mind of a creative genius whose unique ability to think outside the box resonates as a precursor of neurodiversity today. Situated somewhere between a familiar haven and a mystical paradise, Satie’s Journey transcends the time and place that birthed its various elements and, by doing so, becomes its own metaphor for the underlying “oneness” in all things, regardless of how different they first appear.'s_journey.html


Conductor, Ben España

Mezzo Soprano, Julie Silva

Bass Baritone, Austin Allen

Tenor, Alexander Tull

Flute, Camila Oliveira

English Horn, Victoria Racz

Viola, Chris Fotinakis

Piano, Rob Fishel

Percussion, Joel Bluestone

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