Show #42 - Does Humor Belong In Music?

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Thu, 05/27/2021 - 4:15pm

Humor can take different forms such as comedy. satire, parody, etc. What is humorous to any one person is of course subjective, but all the songs we'll play were made by the artists with an intent of being humorous. If you're easily offended by off-color language this show may not be for you, but for those of you who are just a little bit hipper...and we think you know who you are...this show could be fun.


Opener - Who Needs The Peace Corps? by The Mothers Of Invention
Song 1 - Remember? by Tom Rush. Played by Joe
Song 2 - Dick In A Box by The Lonely Island w/ Justin Timberlake. Played by Scott
Song 3 - What The Hell Happened To Me? by Adam Sandler. Played by Joe
Song 4 - Ukelele Blues by Martin Mull. Played by Scott
Song 5 - I Just Want You To Hurt Like I Do by Randy Newman. Played by Joe
Song 6 - Flakes by Frank Zappa. Played by Scott
Song 7 - Wonderful Wino by Frank Zappa. Played by Joe
Song 8 - Ode To My Car by Adam Sandler. Played by Scott
Song 9 - Political Science by Pedro The Lion. Played by Joe
Song 10 - Unrequited To The Nth Degree by Loudon Wainwright III. Played by Scott
Song 11 - Piggies In The Middle by The Rutles. Played by Joe
Song 12 - I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore by The Snake Oil Willie Band. Played by Scott
Song 13 - Business Time by Flight Of Conchords. Played by Joe
Song 14 - Kama Sutra Time by Flo & Eddie. Played by Scott
Song 15 - Trapped In A Drive Thru by Weird Al Yankovic. Played by Joe

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