Art Talk Bus Stop with Papi Fimbres

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Wed, 05/26/2021 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
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Art Talk Bus Stop is a monthly, youth-centered podcast about how artists do their work and make a living.

This month we interviewed the prolific Portland-based musician Papi Fimbres, who talked with us about growing up in LA, cultural references and inspriation from Mexico to Sebadoh, collaborations, touring, new music and old influences like jazz and cumbia. He is currently in 17 (seventeen!) bands. All bands in Portland lead to Papi.

Listen to some of Papi Fimbres' work here:

Produced by Erica Thomas

Producer/Co-Host, Nicole Cabrera

The show is supported by a Metro Community Placemaking Grant and fiscal sponsorship by Portland Institute for Contemporary Art

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