Show #39 - North Of The Border

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Thu, 03/04/2021 - 5:00pm

Hear a variety of artists from our cool neighbors to the north - Canada.  We've got a variety of genres, classic songs and songs we bet you've never heard before.  Please enjoy.


Song 1 - 96 Tears by Sisters Euclid with Sandy Dillon. Played by Scott
Song 2 - New Morning Sun by Blue Rodeo. Played by Joe
Song 3 - Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell. Played by Scott
Song 4 - It Makes No Difference by Rick Danko. Played by Joe
Song 5 - Family Band by The Tragically Hip. Played by Scott
Song 6 - Deeper by Dawn Pemberton. Played by Joe
Song 7 - A Thrill's A Thrill by Bill Amesbury. Played by Scott
Song 8 - No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature by Burton Cummings. Played by Joe
Song 9 - Emily by Steve Strongman. Played by Scott
Song 10 - No Song Left To Save Me by Steven Page. Played by Joe
Song 11 - Mr. Manson by Klaatu. Played by Scott
Song 12 - Fever by Michael Buble. Played by Joe
Song 13 - I Can Change For You by Rita Chiarelli. Played by Scott
Song 14 - Who's Gonna Stand Up by Neil Young. Played by Joe

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