Episode Eleven - Nothing is Final

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Fri, 01/29/2021 - 7:00am to 7:15am

In the 11th episode of the podcast we hear about the end of Portland Anti Racist Action, the consequences of being a SHARP, and other reflections by the punks; we also hear words of wisdom offered in hindsight, with love from the now-middle aged activists.

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Producers: Celina Flores, Erin Yanke, Mic Crenshaw
Editors: Erin Yanke, Icky A.
Interviews for this episode:  Celina Flores, Erin Yanke , Mic Crenshaw
Story editors: Celina Flores, Erin Yanke, Icky A., Mic Crenshaw, Moe Bowstern
Visual archivist: Julie Perini
Mastering: Colin Casserd
Music: (in order of appearance)
Xylo Ziko (Free Music Archive)
Kai Engel (Free Music Archive)
Anitek (Free Music Archive)
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