List of KBOO Hosts and Staff

DJ Anjali

With a name like Gitanjali (song offering) you’d think DJ Anjali was born to play records. Made in India, born in Oregon and raised by Marathi banjaras & Cascadian loggers, Anjali started DJing due to her love of dance, compulsive record buying, and music-obsessed nature. A... Read more

dj baritus

Produced for Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Host of Heavy Metal Vomit Party Read more

DJ Charlie

Produced for World Beat Connection
KBOO programmer for 26 years producing the World Beat Connection. World Beat music is Afro-Caribbean and includes music from all over the African continent and various styles of Caribbean, including but not limited to Reggae, Soca, Zouk, Salsa, Compas, and Rumba. Read more

DJ Dimsumz

Produced for Astral Traveling
Co-Host of Astral Traveling Read more

DJ Grimrock

Produced for One Two, One Two
Co-Host of One Two, One Two Read more

dj M.o.M.

Produced for The Flow
Host of The Flow Read more

DJ Sesqui

Produced for Astral Traveling
Host of Astral Traveling Read more

Don Jacobson

Produced for Africa-O-Ye!, Movin' On
Co-Host of Africa-O-Ye! and the host of Movin' On Read more


Co-host of the Gospel and More Program Read more

Doug Holm

Produced for Film at 11
Host of Film at 11. Read more

Doug McVay

Host of Free Culture Radio, every 3rd Wednesday from 6:30 - 7 pm. Check out the Free Culture Radio page on Facebook and give it a like! Doug McVay is an editor, journalist, researcher, and social justice advocate with a long history in drug policy reform. Doug first becam... Read more

Dr. Jane

co-host of Blues Junction Read more

Dr. Zomb

Co-Host of A Differnet Nature Also Host of Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura Read more

Dresden de Vera

I believe that Portland is a model for the New Humanity, one which values inclusivity, sustainability, supporting local, and embracing your weird. As a tour guide, I provide access, experience, and understanding of these values. And as a radio host, I highlight eccentric c... Read more


Produced for Labor Radio
Co-Host of Labor Radio Read more

Echo Collector

  Nikki Martin has been working in the sound fields for over a decade collecting sonic ephemera and some really cool friends who record all over the world. She was nominated for a 2011 Helen Hayes Award in Outstanding Sound Design and has taught master classes and skillsha... Read more

Ed Mellnik

Produced for Folk Espresso
Started in radio in 1968 as a Teen DJ in Buffalo NY on WYSL-FM. A 100,000 watt station doing 'underground' format. Continued at the WBFO the State University at Buffalo. . Videographer by day with my company EMA Video Productions - and Folk Music DJ when ever I can. Playing... Read more


Produced for Ejammz Hits Show

Elizabeth Perry

Produced for Mujeres Bravas
Host of Mujeres Bravas Read more

Ellen Goldsmith

Produced for Healthwatch
Host of Healthwatch Read more

Emily Becker

co-host of the KBOO Food Show Read more

Emma Jackson Ford

Co-host of Black Book Talk Read more

emma lugo

Co-Host of Prison Pipeline and Host of Transpositive PDX Read more

Ender Black

Produced for Squirrels Know
. I seek to be of service to my nation, my planet and my galaxy, and from my unique perspective, provide you with critical data regarding the establishment of a more advanced democracy for the Earth guided by tried and old galactic principles of enlightenment. . Very excite... Read more

Erica Thomas

co-host of Art Talk Bus Stop Read more

Erin Yanke

Host of Life During Wartime and Oregon Community Media Erin Yanke is the Program Director for KBOO Community Radio. her KBOO work includes working with the on-air music volunteers, as the KBOO Youth Advocate, organizing the training program, and working with the audio arch... Read more

Etsi Yona Samantha King

I, Samantha King (Etsi Yona)-Tsalagi-Cherokee, from Oklahoma, co-host "Tillicum Wawa" with Eugene and Shusli, Louis and Mike. I co-hosted "Indian World" for 22 years with John Talley -Mohawk, New York, who has since passed to the Great One in March 2012. We are trying to b... Read more

Eva Lake

I am an artist who makes paintings and collages. I also write about art and curate shows from time to time. Before KBOO, I hosted Artstar Radio on KPSU. My website is Read more


Produced for Labor Radio
Host of Labor Radio Read more

Frann Michel

Produced for Old Mole Variety Hour
Host of Old Mole Variety Hour Read more

Gareth Jenkins

Produced for Music from the True Vine
Host of Music from the True Vine Read more

Gil Cardon

Gil Cardon is the co-Station Manager of KBOO, along with Delphine Criscenzo. Read more

Glen Andresen

Produced for The Dirtbag
Host of The Dirtbag Read more

Godiva Lee

Godiva Lee is, by all definition, a human person. If it has anything to do with loud music, nerdy activities or community gatherings this thing can be found flashing their tattered press pass fishing for that sweet sweet peer approval (and free food) Occasional fangirl at ... Read more


host of the Africa O Ye! program, the first thursday of every month from 2 pm to 4 pm PST. Read more