Help pick the flavors for tonights 4 hour “MELTING POT” 8-12pm

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Help pick the flavors for tonights 4 hour “MELTING POT” 8-12pm

Tune in Tonight!!! Tuesday 8/31/10  8-10pm(PST) for an extended edition of "THE MELTING POT featuring 4 hours of International Eclectronica. Remixes, Refixes, Edits, Mashups, of your favorite artists whith those who are about to be. Im looking for input on tonights show, since there are 4 hours all the ingredients are out and i am open to suggestions. If youre a fan of the show your participation is needed. If you havent heard it before check for playlists, bios on past featured artists, video links, and links to downloads from some of the globes hottest producers in International Eclectronica.

We will be featuring tastes of Downtempo, Future Funk, Jazz, Breakbeat, HipHop, Drum and Bass, Indigenous Riddims, Reggae, Global Bangers, Dubstep, Bhangra, African, Latin Beats,  Trip-hop, Psychedelic, House, Tribal, Dub, Roots Music... from thoughout the years and across continents. Bringing you the fresh International heat while sheding light on local talent, and the roots of electronica. Please take a minute to leave a comment with your favorite genre, artist, label, or feeling that you want to hear more of and be and active member in this show community radio. Help decide the flavors of the brew...

And check out for a copy of the new
PRETTY LIGHTS album Spilling Over Every Side

Video Links...(past "MELTING POT" Performances)




Drop that FUNKY SH*T in the sunshine for me por favore...! Lookin' forward to the extended show

Here's a deep minimal techno set from Immersion:

<P>And yes, I&nbsp;know you've played some recently, but I&nbsp;love it!</P>
<P>Other suggestions? Tosca, any Reggae, any Jazz ... pretty much anything! Always look forward to hearin' the mixes and remixes you serve up!</P>
<P>Woo hoo!</P>