Charles Gitnick and Joey Birlem @ KBOO !

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Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 7:30pm
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TEAM CHOEY JOINS US IN STUDIO 2 THIS SUNDAY FOR AN INTERVIEW WITH ENDER BLACK, segment producer for Rose City Native Radio, host of Squirrels Know and member of the Youth Collective.


We will be talking about Charles Gitnick's art, message, and his collaboration with Joey Birlem on anti-anxiety, anti-depression videos, as well as their work with new therapy and mental wellness app LARKR

We will also be discussing the apparent movement of positivity and camarederie started by Vine and, and what it feels to be worldwide famous as a teenager. 



* Interview will be broadcast live on Friday March 23rd, 8PM on Squirrels Know

* There will be a live stream on Ender's YouNow account. For more information, email:

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