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Burgerville Rally on 04/26/16

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Burgerville employees are demanding a union. Yesterday, employees and their supporters rallied at the Burgerville on Powell and 26th Avenue, demanding at 15 dollar minimum wage and calls for a union.The rally coincided with other protests being held around the city that are... Read more

Poetic Justice: Eat-in don't drive-up

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      If you’re looking to open new drive throughs Our mayor Chuck Hales has some bad news On our busiest streets When you want fries and meat You’ll have to go in where the grease stews   when drivers are hurried and starving They’re heedless of where they are drivi... Read more

Lawsuit against camping rules

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A coalition of business owners, local residents, and neighborhood associations filed a lawsuit yesterday against the city of Portland and Mayor Charlie Hales. The coalition hopes that the lawsuit will force the city to address the houseless crisis beyond just allowing peop... Read more