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Audio removed from program pages

Recently, we had a temporary problem that caused audio files to be removed from the program pages where they are normally listed.  This was related to problems with the date field. During this time, some of the audio files did not write the air date into the database.  Thi... Read more


After a lapse in blog postings, I will using this again as a way to keep users up-to-date on any issues related to the website.  Please check here before reporting an error, as I will try to post reports as situations arise. Read more

Do Muslim Women Need Saving?

When the United States and its allies invaded Afghanistan, one of the prominent justifications was liberating the people George W Bush called “women of cover” from the Taliban.  Laura Bush told us in 2002  that “the fight against terrorism is also a fight for the rights a... Read more

"If the Electoral Process Does Work for you, what does?

This morning, March 10 on  "More Talk Radio" we are focusing about how people work for social and political change.  While electoral politics, continues to dominate much of the news this year, people have a variety of views of its effectiveness and alternative ways for soci... Read more

Pulse of the Blue Planet to spotlight Rebeca Matta of Brazil on Sunday, March 23, 8 to 10 pm

REBECA MATTARebeca Matta holds a special place in the Brazilian contemporary musical scenario. The composer revealsin her work a singular opening to different rhythms and musical influences, such as trip-hop, rock, industrialpop and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). In 1998, h... Read more

Girls Rock!

 Girls Rock!  the movie about Portland’s Rock and Roll Camp for Girls  which has inspired other girls rock camps opens March 7 at Cinema 21.Be there! Reviewed on the Old Mole Variety Hour 3-3-08. Read more