KBOO's Fight Fascism Power Pack

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It’s KBOO’s Exclusive ‘Fight Fascism Power Pack’

How do we most effectively fight fascists? We arm ourselves with knowledge – in this case, a KBOO USB flash drive FILLED with exclusive audio content, as well as an ‘Internet Security Toolkit’ to keep ourselves safe in this digital age.

EXCLUSIVE audio content includes:

  • Over 40 hours of KBOO podcasts and program specials with a focus on fighting the fascist takeover

Internet Security Toolkit’

  • A folder of open-source software: including the Tor browser – which provides a way to browse anonymously, VeraCrypt, which lets you effortlessly encrypt entire folders, Keepass password manager, GPG email encryption software and more!

  • Much more!


Audio – new from this year:

  • Chris Hedges: America: The Farewell Tour

  • Van Jones' live speech: How We Came Apart, How We Come Together.

  • Alexander Reid Ross and Shane Burley: Against the Fascist Creep

  • Lessons from German Anti-Fascist Movements – September 2018 talk

  • Ralph Nader

  • Rose City Antifa on Positively Revolting Talk Radio

  • Glenn Greenwald: Why Privacy Matters

  • Cornel West speaking at the Unitarian Universalist Convention in Portland

  • Arresting Power - Panel Discussion on police violence and racism in Portland

  • Release party for the locally-edited compilation of black science fiction writers imagining other worlds: Octavia's Brood

  • Race Talks: “The Resurgence of Hate Crimes in America: Charleston and Beyond” - Randy Blazak, Carlos Covarrubias

  • Tim DeChristopher: Bidder 57 who took direct action to stop oil & gas drilling

  • Ali Abunimah of The Electronic Intifada


Plus some timely and relevant talks from the KBOO Archives:

  • A talk by the late Manning Marable: How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America

  • Joseph Stiglitz: "The Great Divide: Unequal Societies and What We Can Do About Them”

  • Helena Norberg Hodge: The Economics of Happiness

  • Michael Shuman: A World without Wall Street

  • Ernest Callenbach 1978 – author of Ecotopia

  • Paul Robeson 1957

  • W.E.B. DuBois 1964

  • Daniel Berrigan 1976

  • Dick Gregory 1967

  • Ward Churchill 1995

  • Stokeley Carmichael 1973

  • Eldridge Cleaver 1998

  • John Trudell -American Indian Movement

  • Vandana Shiva

  • Noam Chomsky 2015 talk - It's In Your Hands: We the People must act.

  • Carol Black: Alternatives to Schooling

  • Chris Hedges on Empire and Capitalism

  • Winona LaDuke – Native American activist and storyteller