"Human Beings with 5 Fingers" Reporter Going To Standing Rock


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Support this important reporting!

KBOO is proud to support Standing Rock and to bring this message to you from KBOO reporter Christopher Francisco, Dine' (Navajo).

Christopher is producer and host of Human Beings with 5 Five Fingers on KBOO.FM. Recently, Christopher reported from the Peltier Justice Ride over several segments on the KBOO Evening News.

Ya'at'ee'h. Good morning. I went to Standing Rock ND. Checked out the Sacred Stone Camp to see what I would need for the winter and it seems like it’s going to be a cold winter. I scouted it out and talked with leaders and people. There's a lot of good speakers that need to be recorded and it's history in the making. Good strong warriors, women and children, and there's a school built. The elders are sharing knowledge. All tribes are there protecting the water for generations to come. Mother Earth is our home and I feel like it needs to be protected for our children. But the knowledge of our people need be acknowledge by our voices which I can record for the world to hear.

They are getting hunkered down for the winter. I feel like I need to be there camping with them to record their voices for the world to hear every day. I humbly ask for your support for the work that needs to be done. What I will need is winter gear. Winter lodging tent. A big one which I found out was good and they told me which one would be the best to use for the winter. There is food there and sweatlodges for us. So that is good for my physical body and spirituality. We are all praying and using non-violent direct action. It's not over yet. We need to hear the voices of the people there.

May the creator guide you. Aho! Thank you for listening to me. Be well. May mother earth and her future children have clean drinking water. Thanks, Christopher (Man Red) Francisco

Christopher plans on wintering with the encampment and recording their stories; he has a list of supplies to find in order to do this:

  1. A winter heavy duty Canvas Tent for the ND wind and snow with a hole for wood stove. Plus a snow cover for the top. 
  2. A wood stove (possibly a Cylinder stove package)
  3. A good Headlamp to see in the dark in the tent and around the Camp.
  4. Camp Dishes.
  5. Battery Pack. One that works. Phone/Tablet Charger.
  6. Heavy duty winter boots size 8-1/2 -9 depends if it fits. 
  7. Thin plastic rain cover.
  8. Leatherman multi tool.
  9. Face mask for cold wind.
  10. Coveralls.
  11. SD cards for video and audio recording. I'm also shooting a documentary.
  12. Lavalier mic for Canon Camera.
  13. Possibly a drone with a camera for a documentary video. 
  14. Camp Dishes pack.
  15. Wool socks.

If anything, I would really need the canvas tent and wood stove if possible. That would make life more comfortable and to stand up in the tent. The wood stove to dry wet clothes and to stay warm. 

Please contact Christopher at earthborn05@yahoo.com or cell: 503-515-6239 to coordinate support. Thank you!