News and Public Affairs Day - Dec. 1st 2017


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A reporter from the KBOO archives!
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Today we feature the very best in KBOO's news and public affairs programming!

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Here's the lineup for the day:

7 am - 8 am: Democracy Now

8 am - 9 am: Positively Revolting Talk Radio featuring prominent critic of corporate globalization David Korten

9 am - 10 am: Pacific Underground talking Eastern Oregon with Justin Chin

10 am - 10:15 am: Valley Views - Janice Stanger talks about eating a plant-based diet

10:15 am - 11:00 am: Flashpoints

11:00 am - noon: A Radio Geekly - Storytelling Karaoke!

Noon-2pm: Panel: Sex 4 Sale -- The state of the sex industry, sex trafficking epidemic and where they overlap...Or don't.

2pm-4pm: KBOO News Team Investigates Police Oversight in Portland - Panel Discussion

4pm-5pm: Democracy Now

5pm-6pm: The KBOO Evening News/counterspin (With current local headlines and reflections on 50 years of Kboo News.)

6pm-7pm: Native America Calling

7pm-8pm Hard Knock