Thank You Pink Martini!

A huge KBOO hug of appreciation goes out to Pink Martini for pulling off a fabulous 4-night Fundfest extravaganza! Fundfest 2008 raised over $66,000 which will be split into a generous $16,000+ for each of the beneficiary organizations. Aside from KBOO, the other amazing non-profits included Friends of Trees, Outside In and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. Pink Martini put on some very exciting concerts, along with wonderful opening bands Portland Cello Project, 3 Leg Torso, The Stolen Sweets and the Fjord Motor Company.
I was there for the designated KBOO night on June 4 and it was a lot of fun. 3 Leg Torso was phenomenal and Pink Martini got folks swinging, bouncing and moving to their unique grooves. A highlight was a masterful violin solo (I believe the violinist was Nicholas Corosa, accompanied by Pink Martini band leader Thomas Lauderdale) which had the crowd  rapt with the sweet, yearning of the strings. As soon as he finished, there was  thunderous burst of applause (had the crowd not been already standing, I'm sure it would have warranted a standing "o"). To me it  crystallized what makes Pink Martini, 3 Leg Torso and some of these other performers so special - they take music traditions like torch, classical & jazz to this alternate universe. An interesting, democratic and accessible level, allowing a diverse cross-spectrum of us regular folk to appreciate a wonderful range of music. OK, enough gushing.  Just wanted to say, Pink Martini, we appreciate you and thank the gods and goddesses that you are here in Portland! Appreciations to the other bands, John Brodie and all the folks who made this come to life.
[attached is the press release from Pink Martini about the funds raised.]