Portland Jazz Fest Tickets available to volunteers!

Hello, I am the self-proclaimed leading reporter on the Portland Jazz Festival. But I need help!! I just did the leg work to get the following tickets and any reporters or jazz programmers who are interested in attending with me and/or picking up my slack for the shows that I can not make it to at all. I will be bringing a field recorder to the shows (no artists are providing music releases) and it would be ideal to have someone interested in hustling interviews. I recieved 2 tickets to the following shows and next to each show I will write whether or not I'm planning to attend.Joshua RedmanBill CharlapSpanish Harlem Orchestra (2 available)The Bad Plus (2 available)Portland Jazz OrchestraCecil TaylorMaceo ParkerOrnette Coleman (sorry, thats me and Jamilah)  Please let me know! Sean Ongley