Relational Cultural Theory Resources

Aftershock: Confronting Trauma in a Violent World- A Guild for Activists and Their Allies by Pattrice Jones 
Constructing the Self, Constructing America: A Cultural History of Psychotherapy by Cushman, P.  
The Century of the Self  by Adam Curtis (BBC Series) 
All the Power: Revolution Without Illusion by Mark Anderson 
The Healing Connection: How Women Heal in Therapy and In Relationships by J. B. Miller & I. Stiver 
The Complexity of Connection, Edited by Jordan, J. Walker, M. & Hartling, L.  
Disappearing Acts: Gender, Power, and Relational Practice at Work by Fletcher, J. 
Relational Practice in Action: A Group Manual by J. Jordan & Dooley, C
Jean Baker Miller Training Institute Website
Karen Hixson and Jenna Goldin

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