Sale/lease of Mt. Tabor Park is off the table

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Well, I am no longer pissed at the city. In fact, I want to thank Comm. Saltzman and PPR Director, Zari Santner for allowing mediation. 
Mediation brought a better understanding of the issues that needed to be resolved at Mt. Tabor Park. 
Mediation brought the principal parties together face to face in an open forum. 
Mediation brought smiles and understanding between city leaders, city workers, and city dwellers. 
I am proud to be a part of a committee that is so focused. I am also proud to live in a city where the Mayor and city council are accessible and willing to listen to concerns of their constituents. So thank your Mayor Potter and thank you Commissioners Saltzman, Leonard, and Adams for approving our resolution to update the Mt. Tabor Master Plan and for taking the sale/lease of Mt Tabor Park off the table