Is Playing Conscious Music Enough In These Crazy Times???


This morning I was getting more and more frustrated hearing bits and pieces of the Monica Goodling "testimony" filtering thru the corporate media haze while filling up my tank with $40 worth of gas on the way to do the Dharma Wheel .  All during the 15 minute drive a nagging voice kept asking....isnt it totally frivolous to go spend an hour and a half playing music (even music that is a commentary on our times)?  Shouldnt i be working for REAL change instead?

 And then halfway thru the show the phone rings and a listener lets me know he is really in tune with what I am playing and thanks me and I smile and realize that every revolution needs its art and whats that old saying--:if i cant dance, i dont wanna be a part of your revolution?

 So thanks to the artists who keep putting out the music that I am privledged each week to share with all of you and thank all of you for contributing your energy to this community of people who are helping to make change and and a positive future  together while sharing the transformative power of music and community.