KBOO Youth Collective: The Apocalypse Wins Two Awards!


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Monday, November 2, 2020 - 8:30pm
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The KBOO Youth Collective's Piece "The Apocalypse" has won The People's Choice Award - Virtual Studio from Digifest 2020 and was also named an Award winner in the 2020 Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival! The KBOO Youth Collective never ceases to amaze with their creativity and authentic content! We also couldn't have done this without our incredible Syndication Producer LaNita Duke and Youth Advocate Erin Yanke!

The Apocalypse

Elizabeth gives us a piece exploring the apocalypse and its solitude.
Virgil offers a tale of a time in his personal life that felt like 'the end of the world' to him.
Luna brings us another installment in the ongoing fictional story of Chelsy Marlow.
Maeve presents an episode of her post-apocalyptic radio drama, Interhaven, to us.
Tristan regales us with a piece on music and the apocalypse. 
Thomas recounts the story of the apocalyptic Chernobyl disaster for us.

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