Keep KBOO Healthy: Bring Your Own Mug

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020 - 7:20am

(bring your own mug, dish ware, and utensils)

In an effort to help prevent or slow the spread of infection at KBOO, we are asking all our staff and volunteers to please bring your own mug. We have removed all of our communal mugs, dish ware, and utensils from our kitchenette. Please note:

-Our usual complimentary coffee and hot water/tea station are still available, we just ask that you use your own mug when serving yourself. 

-Disposable cups for our radio guests have been ordered. We ask that KBOO volunteers and staff BYO mugs and help us reduce waste by saving disposable cups for our guests only.  Programmers, please remind your guests to BYO mug when inviting them to the station so they can help us reduce waste as well. 

-Please make sure to take your mug/dishes/utensils with you when you leave so no one else uses it. Write your name on your mug so we can return it to you if you accidentally leave it behind. 


Thank you for your understanding and assistance in helping to keep KBOO healthy!


Jenna and Celeste
Interim Station Co-Managers




FAQs about BYO mugs, dish ware, and utensils


Q: Has communal dish ware at KBOO disappeared forever?

A: We’re not sure. The communal mugs, dish ware, and utensils have long been a possible source of flu and cold spread at the station. Because we don’t have a dishwasher, we are dependent on people hand washing their dishes which is very often not done in a sanitary or thorough way (e.g. we have literally seen people drink from a communal mug, not wash it, then put the mug right back on the shelf for someone else to use). While we want to make sure everyone can easily enjoy our free coffee, we are prioritizing preventing the spread of infection at this point.  


Q: What about our guests? How will they drink coffee, tea, or water?

A: Guests are encouraged to bring their own mugs as well. Eco-friendly (compostable) disposable cups have been ordered for the kitchenette and will arrive sometime in the next few days. If you’re a volunteer or staff, please bring your own mug and save the disposables for our guests. This will help us reduce waste and save money during these economically shaky times. We are taking donations of disposable cups for our guests, so you have any unopened, unused packages of disposable cups, please drop them off at the station. Thank you!


Q: Is all of this just an alarmist reaction to the coronavirus outbreak?!

A: No. The health of our volunteers and staff is extremely important so doing what we can to help each other stay healthy is always a priority. While the risk of having major symptoms from COVID-19 is reportedly low for most people, the risk for some people is extremely high and we want to make sure that we are always looking out for the needs of those most vulnerable around us. 


Q: Is KBOO taking other steps besides getting rid of mugs to address COVID-19?

A: Yes. Staff and management are working on our contingency plans should the outbreak spread widely throughout our city. Our current priority is helping with prevention and slowing of infection. We are asking all staff, volunteers, and guests at KBOO to wash their hands frequently, use provided hand sanitizing gel, and to stay home should they feel any cold or flu symptoms. In order to stay up to date with the latest info, we are checking in with the CDC, OHA, and other community radio stations to see what advice and protocols are being used to help prevent or slow the spread of infection. 

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