Tonight on Threshold Shift--Composers Simrit and Mamoru Fujieda

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Patterns of Plants
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Friday, November 29, 2019 - 12:46pm
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The Divine and the Mundane--Music from the Fabric of Our Lives

Tonight from 12 - 3am, we'll be having a special episode of Threshold Shift featuring our year-in-review as well as a long-form interview with chart-topping, neo-psychedelic world musician, Simrit Kaur with sneak peeks of her new album, When We Return, dropping Dec. 11 with performances by Shannon Haden on cello, Salif Bamakora on kora, Jared May on bass and synth, and Devon Ashley on drums. With a grounding in the harmonies of the Greek Orthodox Church, West African drumming, and the mantras of Kundalini Yogic traditions, Simrit is eager to share "the depth of the sacred and ancient [with] the modern world and contemporary music." She says, "The Revolution is the strength to walk alone knowing we are not alone, and it is the strength to walk together into the unknown."

We'll round out 2019 by weaving all the threads of human music, sound design, and Nature's music we've been exploring by playing the complete 1997 masterwork, Patterns of Plants, by Mamoru Fujieda. Patterns of Plants was composed completely by tracking micro-movements of natural electrical energy flowing through the leaves of plants. It was captured by cutting-edge sensors and translated via MAX/MSP into tones and harmonies by the Japanese, post-minimalist composer Mamoru Fujieda. The album features performances by Ishikawa Ko on sho, Miki Maruta and Yoko Nishi on koto, Maki Noguchi and Eriko Ozawa on viola de gamba, and Laurent Teycheney on harpsichord.