KBOO supports the Anti Fascist work of Portland citizens and POPMOB and Snack Bloc

Published date: 
Friday, August 16, 2019 - 6:59pm


Snack Bloc will be doing a support table at PopMob - Popular Mobilization's The Spectacle!

We will have snacks, GF snacks, kid friendly snacks, sweet snacks, salty snacks, dog water, people water, small soaps, light groceries, stuff for your period and a chill zone, don't know about puppy therapy yet. We will have ushers if you need someone to escort you safely to the bathroom or to your car.


Come #BeTheSpectacle on August 17th! (Meet us at the Waterfront & SW Pine.)

Bigots plan to come to Portland. Again. *sigh*

Are you tired of them? Because we’re tired of them. We’re tired of being afraid for our lives. We’re tired of the attacks on our community. We’re tired of their hatred.

They think Portland is too queer, too far left, too weird, so we’re going to show them just how weird we can get.

We’re going to create a spectacle like they’ve never seen before. But we need your help!

We need all of Portland to come out with the biggest, weirdest, most spectacular costumes, performances, and other fun activities. Portland is supposed to be the weirdest city in the country, so let's prove them right. Let's be weirder and more absurd than we've ever been before. Let's show them we won't let them scare us into hiding our true selves.

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