2018 KBOO Annual Membership Meeting

It's KBOO's Fall Membership Drive - Call 877-500-5266 or Join online

$59,092 of $93,500 as of 10:00 pm on Tues. Sept. 18, 2018

Published date: 
Monday, September 10, 2018 - 1:23pm



Futurism: 50th Anniversary Annual Membership Event
nday September 30th 2018

Clinton Street Theater
2522 SE Clinton St
, Portland, OR 97202
11:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

All Ages & Disability Affirmative! 

Join you're fellow KBOO Community Radio member’s along with staff, board members, our amazing volunteers and on-air personalities for a fun afternoon of entertainment, snacks, refreshments and most importantly voting for our annual election!  

With Performances by Justice Poet, Senegalese Master Drummer Massamba Diop from Baaba Maal’s band and The Black Panther Soundtrack, Speakers & Performers from Morpheus Youth Project

Board Candidates’ Statements: The candidate statements can be accessed on the KBOO website at www.kboo.fm/board or you can request a copy to be mailed to you by calling 503-231-8032.

Candidates are:

Nick Devlin

Marvin Raines

Reuben Deumling

TSixx (Tommy Moore)

Rozzell Medina

Board Candidates’ Statements: The candidate statements have been printed as submitted. Neither the KBOO Nominating Committee nor the Board of Directors vouch for the accuracy of the information contained within them.




The first time I was introduced to the KBOO community, it was love at first sight! I wanted to
become involved immediately so I started volunteering with the clean-up crew, and I continue to
volunteer wherever there is need. I eventually joined the Board and served as Vice President for a short
tenure, before I had to resigned and return to Alabama, after the untimely death of my Father, Brother
and Grandmother in December of 2016. Honestly, I am still amazed by the love and support for the
community and from the community, that flood in and out of the doors of KBOO and it would be an
honor and privilege to serve on KBOO board of directors again.
I am an Alabama native, United States veteran and a longtime advocate for liberty and justice for all.
Growing up in rural Alabama, I quickly became aware of how important it was to be involved in the
community and how rewarding it was as well. At a young age, I started volunteering at The Harris home
for children, a residential foster home in Huntsville, AL. There I became the youngest paid employee on
staff, as an overnight house parent, and that has been my most rewarding job yet! At The Harris home
for children, I served on several committees, including the children disciplinary and allowance approval
board, as well as on the volunteer committee, which helped staff volunteers at the local Boys and Girls
Club and the Red Cross in Huntsville, AL.
Building community support was also important to me during my time serving in the Army. I had the
pleasure of starting the Junior Noncommission Officer program (JRNC) for Charlie Company 2/11 Field
Artillery, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. JRNC was a company grade organization that was designed to
assist, educate, and encourage new service members in Hawaii in an effort to build a support system. I
also volunteered with the B.O.S.S (Better Opportunity for Single Solider program) through which I
participated in the Hand across the Sand campaign to clean trash off surrounding beaches, and the Need
to Read campaign, when I got to volunteer my time reading books to children at local elementary
schools in Honolulu, Hawaii to promote literacy.
Over the years, I have always made time to volunteer whenever I could, because early in life I realized
how important it was to volunteer, and how much volunteers are truly needed. Since I have moved to
Portland, I have volunteered with the Sun summer school program at an elementary school in SE
Portland and I have helped the Students of Color Committee at Portland Community College with
several food drives. I started and founded ‘’ Sock it to Oregon,’’ with the purpose of collecting socks and
distributing them to people who are houseless in the city of Portland. I have also lent a hand at a variety
of KBOO events.
KBOO Community Radio is a valuable and much needed asset to the community. It gives voices to those
that would otherwise be voiceless. For that reason and many others, I would be honored and privileged
to serve on the KBOO board of directors, to help ensure the doors of community love and support are
never closed and that KBOO mission lives on forever.
Tommy Moore



Reuben Deumling


I’ve been an enthusiastic and dedicated listener and member of KBOO, and KPFA in Berkeley, starting in 1990. Exposure to the people, passion, and politics of these two radio stations has shaped the person I am today. I have lots of energy and enjoy working with other dedicated, passionate people to solve problems, learn together and from each other, and make things happen. Over the past eighteen years I have served on a variety of boards and commissions and volunteered with a number of nonprofit organizations. KBOO is an essential community institution with the capacity to support, inspire, engage with, and report on all the issues I care about and work on. My three chief goals for wanting to serve on the KBOO board are to:

- Make connections with community organizations doing similar or parallel work to KBOO, and in so doing find ways for KBOO to reach a broader audience;

- Contribute as a board member to the work of committees—the Program Advisory Committee being of particular interest to me—and help out with sundry other tasks all organizations face;

- Get to know the people who make up KBOO better, and learn from them beyond what I can by listening