Ep. 7 Chillin With Chili

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Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 2:45am
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1   15oz can wax beans

1   15oz can butter beans

1   15oz can cannellini (white kidney)  

1   15oz can great northern beans

1   15oz can garbanzo beans

1   15oz can white beans

1   25oz can hominy

1   16oz bag frozen jumbo corn

4   cups water

4   cups vegetable stock

12 med tomatillos 

18 small sweet yellow peppers

2   heads of garlic

1   large white onion

3   tablespoon cumin

3   teaspoon ground coriander

2   teaspoon sal y limon (sour salt/lime salt)

1.5 teaspoon white pepper

3   teaspoon light olive oil

2   habanero peppers

1   serrano pepper



Drain and rinse beans, hominy & corn, put in crockpot (or large pot) with water & vegetable stock.

In food processor chop fine the tomatillos, yellow peppers, onion and garlic, add to the crockpot. Separate the spice dumps into 3 batches and stir into soup at the begging, middle and end of the cooking process, adding a teaspoon of olive oil with each spice dump. 

Float the habanero and serrano peppers on top of the soup. At the end of the cooking process remove & chop the hot peppers fine and set aside for people to add more heat to their liking.


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