The River Signal Starts June First!

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Our vicarious summer adventure floating down the Mississippi River
Our friends at the Steam Radio Syndicate, Galen, Brian, and Reid, are out in the world, getting The Channel Princess, a paddlewheel riverboat, to the Mississippi River. 
They'll be floating south down the river "America's Last Highway" for the summer, and creating amazing radio! We'll be broadcasting that radio, on a show called The Radio Signal every Monday from 7-8pm, starting on June 1st. 
Now here's a few more details, where they speak for themselves:

As we head downriver, we’ll record musicians, storytellers, crickets and dump trucks rumbling by on overhead bridges. We’ll talk with tugboat captains and explore rivertowns, scream at watersnakes and drop important things into murky water. And we’ll weave the best—and worst—of it into the plot of The River Signal. The River Signal is an attempt to tell a different sort of story: a story about the Mississippi that reaches beyond what you expect—the nostalgic yarns, the gritty documentaries—and imagines something bigger and weirder. It'll be a mix of what we see and what we imagine. Somewhere between travelogue and fever dream.
We here at KBOO are looking forward to the long slow journey, to the surprises along the way, and I'm very excited and proud that we can do our part to bring that adventure to you, dear listeners. 
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