Help Wanted: Station Manager

KBOO is hiring a Station Manager
KBOO is seeking a Station Manager to lead a dynamic 45 year old non-commercial, community radio station.

KBOO 90.7 FM in Portland, Oregon was established in 1968 as one of the first listener supported
radio stations in the U.S. The KBOO Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
which receives over 80% of its income from member contributions. It is a mission-driven
organization dedicated to free speech, providing a forum for underserved perspectives and
communities and cultural programming. Broadcasting at 26,500 watts, KBOO serves much of
Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington. KBOO seeks a station manager to provide
leadership and vision, who is serious about innovative, high-quality, community-based
programming. (See Programming Charter)


The Station Manager is responsible and accountable for overall administration of personnel,
programming, financing, technical operations and public relations for the station. The Station
Manager manages 10 full and part-time paid staff. KBOO depends heavily on volunteers for
most on-air programming and other functions and has several active committees which advise
the Board. The Station Manager reports to KBOO’s elected Board of Directors.

The ideal candidate will have these qualifications:

• Three to five years of non- profit management and supervisory experience required.
• Fundraising experience, including major donor and grants.
• Noncommercial community radio experience.
• Ability to thrive in a democratically run, decentralized organization.
• Comfort working with a wide variety of people in a diverse workplace.
• Demonstrated ability to foster teamwork, collaboration and creativity among staff and
organization as a whole, with a consensus-building style.
• Excellent listening, oral and written communication skills.
• Ability to delegate, plan and organize people to meet goals and objectives.
• Understanding of finances and experience overseeing budgets.
• Ability to adapt KBOO’s vision and goals to meet changes in technology and society.

Position Overview

• Ensure KBOO compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations,
including broadcast license (FCC) and tax exempt status (IRS).
• Be aware of changes in society and media that affect KBOO, and work with board and staff to
respond to them to meet KBOO’s mission.
• Work with board to develop long- and short-term goals for the station and oversee
implementation of goals (strategic planning.)
• Ensure implementation of board policies and decisions.
• Act as board/staff liaison and attend board meetings.
• Oversee financial operations, including ensuring that KBOO operates within its approved
budget and adjusting to meet changes in income or expense.
• Work with board and staff to ensure that KBOO generates sufficient revenues to maintain high
quality broadcasting and operations.
• Work with board, staff and volunteers to build membership and involve members.
• Oversee station operations to ensure that plans and schedules are made and followed, and
deadlines are met.
• Manage staff as a collaborative team, including setting shared goals, helping individuals
develop and monitor work plans, conducting staff evaluation and individual staff development.
• Hire, discipline and dismiss staff within structure of KBOO policies and union contract.
• Create atmosphere where volunteers are valued and encouraged to develop and use skills
and creativity.
• Work with staff and volunteers to ensure production of high quality radio programming.
• Oversee the maintenance and security of station facilities and equipment.
• Keep current with the work of KBOO committees and coordinate them with board and staff.
• Oversee any legal or accounting matters involving the station.
• Represent KBOO to the community via coordinated messaging.
• Network with community groups and with local, state and national organizations that share
KBOO’s goals.

Salary: $45-50,000, annually. This is a full-time management position. Excellent benefits:
medical, dental, and generous vacation and holiday benefits.

To Apply:

Send us your resume with a letter of interest, along with a response (no longer than two pages)
to these three questions:
1) Please describe the strengths and challenges of non-profit management.
2) Please describe your style for conflict-resolution.
3) Please describe strategies to motivate, engage and retain volunteers.

to send as PDF via email:

Or mail to:
Station Manager Search, KBOO, 20 SE 8th, BOX C, Portland, Oregon 97214

Applications will be held in confidence.

Please, no phone calls or contacts.

Deadline: January 3, Noon. (PST)

KBOO is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
sex, religion, gender, age, sexual preference, disability or nationality.

KBOO Programming Charter:
KBOO shall be a model of programming, filling needs that other media do not, providing
programming to unserved or underserved groups. KBOO shall provide access and training to
those communities.
KBOO news and public affairs programming shall place an emphasis on providing a forum for
unpopular, controversial, or neglected perspectives on important local, national, and
international issues, reflecting KBOO’s values of peace, justice, democracy, human rights,
multiculturalism, environmentalism, freedom of expression, and social change.
KBOO’s arts, cultural, and musical programming shall cover a wide spectrum of expression from
traditional to experimental, and reflect the diverse cultures we serve. KBOO shall strive for
spontaneity and programming excellence, both in content and technique.