New Jazz Releases August 9, 2013


new jazz releases that were added to the KBOO Music Library the week of August 9th, 2013

Agachiko                Yes!                        Accurate
Ron Aprea                Remembering Blakey                Early Autumn
Miles Black/Grant Stewart        Live at Cory Weed’s                Cellar Live
Barra Brown                Songs for a Young Heart            PJCE
David Chesky                In The New Harmony                Chesky
Chicago Jazz/Aimee            Burstin Out                    Origin
Mac Chrupcala            One More for the Road            Cats Paw
Chick Corea                The Vigil                    Stretch
Rick Cutler                From the Silence                New Dude
Joe Davidian                Live at the Jazz Cave                Jazz Cave
Anne Drummond            Revolving                    Origin
Leo Genovese                Seeda                        Palmetto
Nancy Harms                Dreams                    Gazelle
Derrick Hodge                Live Today                    Blue Note
Greg Hopkins                Reality Check                    self prod
Lynn Lewis                At Long Last Love                self prod
Nashaz                Nashaz                    Ziryab
Nightcrawlers                Volume 3                    Cellar Live
Anthony Smith/Wofford        Connections                    Jazz Chord
Warren Wolf/Green            Wolfgang                    Mack Ave