U of O fires Leaders of Native American, Latin and Black American communities!!Please sign petition!

Please sign petition against discrimination
Osiyo, or hello all,
Being part Native American, Cherokee, or really Tsalagi, pronounced Jalagi, by the People., this issue means alot to me and alot of others attending our College. It has ramifications all through this state and sends a message across the country. The University has fired the elder leaders of the Native American, Latin American and Black American communities.
This is important to let the colleges know the world is watching. We have been reporting on this , along with alot of other issues concerning the U.S., including the Tarsands pipeline they want to put through all tribal lands in the U.S and Canada,. on our show "Tillicum Wawa". It's  on KBOO.FM on the computer and on 90.8 on the radio here in Oregon.It is on Thursdays,  6-7 pm pst. Click on" listen Live" or go to our "archives" and listen to our past shows.
Thank you for signing this petition. It will make a difference.
Love to all, Wado or Thank you,Etsi Yona
Please go to or "click onto" this website for the signing of the petition.:
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