New Jazz Releases February 8

new jazz releases that were added to the KBOO Music Library the week of Feb 8

KBOO Jazz Tracking 2/8/13

Hashem Assadullahi                           Pieces                                                 OA2

Stan Bock&TheNew Tradition                        Feelin it                                                OA2

Paul Carr                                             Standard Domain                                self prod

Terri Lyne Carrington                          Money Jungle                                     Concordd

Pete Escovedo                                   Live/Stern Grove                                Concord Picante

Jazz Professors                                  Do That Again                                     Flying Horse

Art Johnson                                         Blue Sud                                             ItI

Asuka Kakitani Orch.                          Bloom                                                  19/8

Lydia Liebman                                                Familia                                                            Vectordisc

Jason Marsalis                                    In a World of Mallets                           Basin Street

Jessica Molaskey/Frishberg               At The Algonquin                                Arbors Records

N. Amer. Jazz Alliance                       Montreal Sessions                              Challenge

Jackie Ryan                                        Listen Here                                          Open Art

Emy Tseng                                         Sonho                                                  Mel Music

Tom Wopat                                         I’ve Got Your Number                                    LML Music