Please sign petition to reinstate Leaders of the Native program at the U of O .

Please sign petition to reinstate Native leaders at U of O!!

U of O President Michael Gottfredson has made the decsion to gut it's formerr minority office of Instituional Equity and Diversity, including Eugene's Native American, African American and Hispanic department leaders!!!

Dr Tom Ball and Dr. Alison Ball were victims of the Natives programs cuts, a long with 2 other Vice Presidents of the Latino and African American university communities.

They will all be replaced by Dr. Yvette Alex-Assensoh, who cannot replace the role of all three of these proven leaders at the U of O. This will effect the whole NW area. Alot of minority students come to our state for it's  outstanding minorities studies and graduate students..

After this change, we will lose alot of these students and their input into our community, as well and any economic contributions that we need in our communties..

Please sign this petition that will go to  the Pres and to the woman who  


 was appointed to take over these three roles. This concept in rediculous.


The address to sign the petition is

One can also email our state Rep the great Peter DeFazio at He is very in tune with our state's citizen's needs. He is very sympathetic and has ALOT of power that he can help us with this issue.

Wado/Thank you for your interest and help,

 Etsi Yona

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