A Baker's Dozen Rockin' New Years Show


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A Baker's Dozen Rockin' New Years Show 1/1/2013

 HEY THERE- - - -

DON'T PASS OUT YET! (or somewhat more sadly-"go to sleep"!?!)... 

Tune in to KBOO right now

because it's time for 

"A Baker's Dozen Rockin' New Years Show"

That's right -  on The Vinyl Pajama Party -

on this, the First Morning, of the First Day,of the first month of 2013,

we are going to rock the New Year in!

And, when we at The VPJP say "Rock",

we mean       R O C K !!!

So prick up your ears and turn up the loud!

It's only rock & roll....(you know the rest!)

Requests? Call it on in @ 503-231-8187

Please  Enjoy! ..... Responsibly!






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