New Xmas and Holiday Releases 2012


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new holiday releases that were added to the KBOO Music Library 2012

KBOO Christmas 2012   12-14-12

Dwight Trible/Paul Zauner        Dwight Christmas            PAO
Michael Tinholme            The Lost Christmas Card        Blue Planet   
Spencer Day                If Christma doesn’t Kill Me        Concord
Jamie Leonhart                                    Christmastime in NY            Sunnyside        Marilyn Older                Chaise Lounge Christmas        Modern Songbook
Nathan Eklund                Crafty Christmas            OA2
Jeanette Harris            Smooth Holiday C’mas        J&M
The Colbys                Christmas Gumbo            Galiza Records
Will Scruggs                Song of Simeon            self prod

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