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John Talley
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A Tribute to John Talley, producer and host for 33 years of "Indian World". Passes 3/12

I met John T in 1982 when I first moved to Portland after a devorce. I sat down to listen to the radio and on came John's show "Indian World". I was so thrilled to hear some traditional Native music, I got up and danced and then later I called him to tell him how grateful I was that he was playing Native music and how it made me feel more at home and less stressed in the strange large city of Portland. He invited me to come down to the studio one day and I did. It was then that I met my best friend of 25 years or more.
He taught me the production part of the show and he then he taught me how to be a co-host and co-producer of the show. We were on , Just the two of us- running the board, answering phones and picking out ande playing wonderful tradional and modern native music together. He turned me on to my own heritage -Tsalgi-Cherokee.
It was wonderful. He was great . I felt like he helped me find my calling in life. To share news and musioc that is blacked out on all the major radio and tv stations in America -to Americans, Native and non Native. We went together to interview and introduce Tsalagi Chief Rolling Thunder from Arizona,.
He was appearing at the Paramount in Protland. We recorded the whole show and played it on our show also...Chief Rolling Thunder taught us how to make friends with the bees so we could harvest honey and berries. By talking with them. They are truely communitive insects.
Then I moved to Santa Cruz for 2 years and wasn't on the show , but John and I kept in touch.
When I returned, I moved to Eugene Oregon. So I commuted to Portland for years from there. I remember the times that I didn't have a car , so I would hitch hike up there, sometimes in the rain and storms. But it was very important to me to be there with John to contribute our bit to the Native community. The last few years that we were on , I took the train up there. It was easier.
John was very well know for his contributions to this community. He was a board member on an international commitee for Natives around the world. He was always in the thick of things going on for Natives in Portand .
the last several years Bruce Crispen joined our team. He gave our show even more depth with our role playing - government vs the Native world during the news part of our show.
We all did alot of research to find out and report on what was occuring in the Native world around the country.
We reported on the many "Indian wars" that were and are occuring all the time. Especially the Mohawk , which John was , has had a very difficult time with the Canadian governmet wanting to make a golf course on their land to making an international hwy through their lands.!!
It upset John very much. No one , I don't think anyone ever reported as much Native news as John Talley..
He was my mentor and elder , my friend and counsler. He got me to apply for my "Indian Papers" and I did. I am now a regestered Cherokee-Tsalagi.And so is my whole family , thanks to John T.He inspired me and gave the Native world his all.!!
Great is the welcoming by the Creator to have John back home in his arms. And I know he is watching out for his loved ones. And the Creator will say "well done" to John T.!!
I loved John more than any could know, but he knew.. He was a very GREAT MAN in the world!!!!
John was separated from his family when he was very young and has looked and searched for them all of his life. When he finally found some of his realtives he was estatic!!! He was so happy and he talked about them to me and on his show, alot. It made his life much more complete. I can't imagine how terrible it must have been for his whole family, to be split up for decades. And he celebrated that fact he found you after all of these years.
My heart goes out to all of his friends and family!!
OHO Amen
Love Samantha Kaye Cusi King, Etsi Yona - KBOO radio


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