4/12-26/2012 Soul'd Out Music Festival

You can concert-hop through venues featuring legends of jazz, electronica, hip hop, R & B, and more.

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When: April 12th - April 26th
Where: Various Venues - Schedule Here
Tickets: http://www. souldoutfestival.com/ tickets

Talk about mixing and matching to create your individual experience! You can concert-hop through venues featuring legends of jazz, electronica, hip hop, R & B, and more... For back to back days through all these hot spots throughout Portland and all their SOUL'D OUT shows.

Musical guests include:

The third annual Soul'd Out Music Festival will take place over 13 days, throughout more than 10 of Portland's most prestigious venues. Featuring artists from across the musical spectrum, SOMF brings them all together under the banner of soulful music. Because, Soul music, unlike any other, has the unique ability to unite us across perceived differences in race, culture or generation.

Soulful, uplifting music, re-created in the live setting, is one of the most healing and profound means of expression humanity has. This music is the most effective tool of bringing about positive social evolution. We offer this festival as the beginning of a new movement towards realizing music's inherent healing and transformative qualities, and as a means of applying these qualities directly in our ever expanding community.

The Soul'd Out Music Festival was created in November 2009, with the inaugural festivities scheduled for April 2010, as a means by which to give a platform to music often overlooked by the commercial music industry, as well as to firmly plant Portland as the West Coast's premier independently-minded music market. More Info: www.souldoutfestival.com/

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