Animals Within Animals


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The Cut-Up stylings of Animals Within Animals

Wonderful Cut-Up collage album from someone calling themselves Animals Within Animals entitled Produce, Abuse, Resample.

animals within animals chose this day, february 29, to release their new album, produce, abuse, resample. did they choose this date to say that this release, like leap day, is an artifact of our damaged system—a kludge, an attempt to fill some vaguely perceived cultural gap using whatever they had on hand? did they choose the date as a wry acknowledgment that it takes them too long to put out material? did they just do it because it sounded cool? because they wanted it out in february and that was the last possible day?

If you're unfamilair with Cut-Up artists such as I Cut People, Tim Maloney, Escape Mechanism or even more famous, music-orietened groups such as Negativland or The Evolution Control Committee, efforts such as these are a dizzying aural kaleidoscope view of our cultural soundscape, with jarring juxtapositions of commercials, spoken word, sound effects and found sounds. Here, Animals Within Animals seems to be utilizing commercials and radio and tv soundbites to compose a dense collage of post-consumer content. While not everybody's idea of a good time, some may find it an emetic head-clearing experience.

You can listen to and download it all here, absolutely free.

AWIA is part of the Snuggles Collective - a group of audio collage misfits who rallied around their mutual love of culture jammers Negativland and eventually began issuing some amazing group-effort compilations.