No Fest 2011


KBOO is open to the public! To visit the station, contact your staff person or call 503-231-8032.

no fest

KBOO is a proud sponor for the 2011 No Fest

KBOO will broadcast Noon – 10:00 pm on Saturday the 25th, featuring such artists and street performers as the Portland Peace Choir, Michael Hurley, Oregon Universal Hip Hop, Rasika School of Music, SNDTRKR, Gulls & White Rainbow, Daniel Menche, Dr. Id, and many more. 

When: June 24 7pm-Late, June 25 10am-Late. Some visual exhibition through July.
Where: Historic St. Johns PDX at multiple sites, main stage at 8600 N. Lombard.
Cost: $1 Suggested Donation


The new and inspiring Portland Peace Choir opens. Local chapter of the Zulu Nation, Oregon Universal mainlines the hip hop stage. Psych-twang of Michael Hurley, Indian classical violin by Rasika School of Music, the live film score of SNDTRKR, electronic booms of Gulls and White Rainbow, the annual return of Smegma's Dr. Id, the eastern dance music of KBOO's DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid with Dr. J, plus Moodring, Doug Theriault, Right On John, The Architects, and so much more, total up to more than forty musical performances at No.Fest!


Main stage will be adorned with a Mega*Tent inspired by '09 headliner Mega*Church and a cardboard sculpture-map called Mini-No.Fest. Hip hop stage presentation by Mannequinhead, plus a live graffiti exhibition will take over vacant space. And a hefty dose of multimedia from artists like Chris Lael Larson, Ron Mason Gassaway, and more, totaling sixteen visual works.


Classical Indian dance with Jayanthi Raman will grace the main stage and contemporary dance  with Jin Camou and Jean-Paul Jenkins. A No.Fest first time stand-up showcase with five of Portland's most adventurous comics including Richard Bain and Nathan Brannon, plus a special appearance by comedy-magic act Wizardo Stardust (John Simone). For spoken word, the mythical Walt Curtis, a poetry block from Show & Tell Gallery, and a most special (not for kids) puppet act by Cast Iron Carousel Marionette Troupe.


Grand Detour’s Sound/Image Playground by Ben Popp follows The Early Bird Kidz Fest, kicking off in the square 10am with art, song, and dance! Neil Fegan will demonstrate his truly surreal bicycle designs at the The Bike Lab. Rock will give fencing demos at Salle Trois Armes.


No.Fest is not to be looked at simply as an experimental music event, although that is the roots of this branching tree, there is more. InterArts presents adventurous, up-and-coming artists through No.Fest, and for the second year we have visual exhibition featured in an opening night. Educational programming, dance, comedy, poetry, and almost every area of music can be found at No.Fest 2011.

Programming No.Fest is a highly intentional and fairly conceptual task. This is easily the most complex and compelling schedule after four years of growth. No.Fest is a curated event and the presenting company is InterArts, a developing non-profit production company.

Full details to become available online at

MUSIC (40)
Activity Universal Associates
Alma Brasileira
AnnaPaul and the Bearded Lady
Autumns Done Come
Bison Bison
Cliche Au Lait
Dead Air Fresheners
DJ Anjali and The Kid w/ Dr. J
Doug Theriault
Dr. Id
Evil Doer
Fisher B
Hawkins Wright
Jon Meyer
Last Prick Standing
Les Tresvinos
Michael Hurley
Mike Fekete
Muscle Beach
Oregon Universal Presents...
Paulie Think
Portland Peace Choir
Rasika School
Right On John
The Architects
The Hand That Bleeds
The Tomorrow People
Valkyrie Rodeo
Way2Hott Presents...
White Rainbow

Alejandro Ceballos
Chavawn R.Y. Vasquez
Chris Lael Larson
Clint Ganczack
Graffiti Exhibition
Hoop Dreams
Krystal South
Kurtis Hough
Luke Swenson
Mannequinhead Sound System
Mini No.Fest
Noah Saterstrom
Ron Mason Gassaway
Spicy T Rock & Roll Exhibit
Todd Norman Guess

Bike Games with Neil and Friends
Fencing Lessons by Rock
Slackline Demo
Sound/Image Playground

Camou + Jenkins
Cast Iron Carousel
Christian Ricketts
Christopher W. Bush
Danielle Ross
G.M. Holder
Jayanthi Raman
Jennifer Keyser
Nathan Brannon
Philip Schallberger
Richard Bain
Show & Tell Gallery Presents...
Virginia Jones
Walt Curtis
Wizardo Stardust - John Simone
Zulu Jam Breakdancers

Joyfull Noize Kid Jamz
Square Square Dance
Town Square Décor/Craft Activity



Cast Iron Carousel will perform at 7:30pm both Friday and Saturday nights in a location TBA.

Neil Fegan Bike Demo will be based in the Bike Lab with details TBA.


Enjoy the KBOO simulcast on floor pillows at The Yellow House, with installations reopening at 1pm.

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slamanthafoxx's picture

 I could use a ride to and/or from NoFest on Saturday. I'm on the announcement booth at 11:30 am and the table until 5 pm. Get at me via the contact form here.