Station Schedule on the Way...

Station Schedule on the Way...

Programmers may be noticing outdated information on the website regarding their programs.  One of the most commonly reported problems is when a show is listed as "currently unscheduled."  This is because the current date system can only report information on the current week.
Unfortunately, there have been delays in implementing a new schedule that will make our programming more automated and easier to use, both for hosts and listeners.  It will also allow hosts to publicize thier upcoming shows themselves. 
In the meantime, please excuse out of date listings, as this process is very time-intensive.  Any volunteers who would like to help keep the current schedule more up-to-date please contact me.


Is it possible to date the blog entries? Older blog entries show the date the blog entry was made, the newer ones don't.
Date information for the entries is really useful to the users.

(This goofy thing won't let me post my comment, returns an error "The name you used belongs to a registered user.
Duh!!! I *am* a registered user... Why should that be a problem? and why doesn't it tell me what I need to do to let my comment thru, other than using a bogus name???)

We will look into dating blog entries.

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