Jan Michael Lookingwolf will be visiting us on "Indian Country".

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Native American Artist of the year for 2010 Jan Michael LookingWolf to guest star on "Indian Country

I had the pleasure of hearing Jan Michael Lookingwolf at the World Beat Festival in Salem yesterday. He has graciously agreed to appear on our show "Indian Country".

Lookingwolf is the current Native American Musician of the year, (NAMMY) and is also a spokesman and activist for idea that all people are connected.

I hope he will speak to that and perform some music for us very soon.




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<p>We will have Jan Michael Lookingwolf 's interview and music performance on our July 23rd Indian Country show!</p>
<p>He's a wonderful native musician who plays guitar and flute and writes his own music and vocals. I love the way he blends the sound of the native flute with a rock and roll beat! He is also brings a message that we are all connected regardless of our ethinicity and culture and urges people to celebrate that unity.</p>
<p>It will be a great show, don't miss it!</p>

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<p>Sure hope we get to air Jan Michael Lookingwolf. He is a premier Native American musician and an important voice in Indian Country. </p>

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<p>I&nbsp;learned tonight at the programming committee that our show hasn't been given a 1 1/2 slot every other Friday, or any slot in fact.</p>
<p>Stay tuned for updates..The committee will decide whether Indian Country will air in August. Send support for our show to the programming manager, Chris Merrick, if you want Indian Country to continue...And please let me know our show has your support by commenting on this post! Wado, (thank you)&nbsp;&nbsp; Redwillow</p>

And support for Mitakuye Oyasin, too.  It's troubling that this land is occupied to begin with, and even more troubling that the peoples of this land then have to ask their occupier---in a "community" radio station---to get air-time.  What "community" is KBOO serving?
I completely, unconditionally, support Native American programming at KBOO.  I like it so much that I refrain completely from describing these shows as "interesting, enlightening, or compelling" or any other such descriptors.  I figure that it's not my place to judge.  What I do like is the fact that there are Indian shows out there for Indian people.  So that Native Americans can have a measure of independence and community building and happiness!!!  However way it's done I don't feel it's my place to decide, and that my only role is to not interfere. 
This is why I find it difficult to watch people judging the package-value of Native American programming: it's another form of objectification, and we women don't tolerate objectification.