The way BP treats our Mother

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The way BP oil is treating our Mother
Dear listeners,
I'm calling for (along with alot of People) a boycott of BP oil and Gas, Arco gas, and AM/PM gas and Amoco gas. These are the companies that BP oil own. Nation wide boycott. Tell all your friends and neighbors.
I called the Pres,@ 1202-456-2461, our Rep and our Senators. Please call yours. I also called BP in England @ 011442074964076.
We need to boycott  them until the oil spill is cleaned up.  They only care about the money, so if we hit them in the money pocket, maybe they'll get busy. They used their least effective and most in-expensive  foam that they had to clean up the second biggest oil spill in history. The biggest was when "So Damn Insane" lit fire to all of his countries oil rigs.
If they don't have the technology to not have spills or how to clean up spills, they have no right being out there in our oceans. It is the bottom of our food chain. If the Oceans go , we are next.
And it isn't only the oil companies. It's the strip minors and all the other exploitive industries that always seem to get away with everything they want.
They certainly must think that humanity is stupid. They tell us the spill isn't hurting any of the fish! The spill is coming from the bottom of the ocean, the oil on top is keeping the sun from reaching the plankton, who will die and then what will our fish eat? It doesn''t take an Marine biology minor, like myself, or major to figure that one.
Natives Americans have always respected our Mother. We must speak out again, for justice for our oceans and our lives also.
There was another oil platform tragedy about 10 years ago that killed all 30 people on it. But no one is mentioning that!! And the Valdese tragedy!. They never have recovered up there.
They better not be trying to come to the NW to try and drill, as we all have our guns out.(so to speak),- Including our Governor and the Governor of Wash.
Our theme this week will be on Loving and respecting  our Mother Earth .Please listen and send in any comments you'd like to, right here.
Please spread the word.
Thanks my freinds and family, love you,  Pray for our Oceans and pray for the greedy ones to see the Light.
Wado, Thank you, Oho,
Samantha -Indian Country Fri 1:30-3:00pm May 28, 2010