A "REAL" JAMAICAN Has Passed ! :(

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Jamaican Portland Resident PETER RANKINE Has Passed ! :(

Peter Charles Rankine

          Lived in Portland a little over 3 years, by way of Atlanta, Originally from  Jamaica !  Read about this outstanding Jamaican on his Virtual Memorial page.  Go to //////////////////////////////////////////////////

www.floralhillsmemorygardenstucker.com     At the home page, on the right, go to

Rankine, Peter Charles                          3/23/2010

There you can read about, and see pictures of the life Mr. Peter Charles Rankine.  He will be missed.

I, Reggae Bob, will sending a floral arrangement to the funeral service which is Saturday March 27 ,2010 in Tucker Georgia.  Any one wanting to share expense, can call me 503-933-1809. Reggae Bob



It isn't often that you know how much your life has touched others. Most of the time it's usually after we have gone passed this mortal life. My father often spoke of you and it was always with jokes and laughter. My dad had 8 kids; as I'm sure he bragged to you about, 5 boys and 3 girls and his wonderful 14 grandkids. I believe that it was raising us that kept Peter young at heart. He would say to everyone during family gatherings when he looked around at all his kids and his grandkids, "when mi gon, mi cant dead." He knew that through us all and the people he touched in his lifetime, he would live on. His passing, as surreal and difficult as it is, was just as he would have wanted it. Quick and fast, no long suffering and no enduring pain to linger on. So I leave you with what we would say to one another as we hung up on the phone everytime, "One Love- Bless." May Jah guide and protect Peter, my dad and true friend to all, upon his journey in eternity. Thank you for the flowers, they were beautiful. - The Rankine Family