May Day: Is it still relevant 123 years later?

May 1, 2009 marks the 123rd anniversary of a rally for the eight-hour day in Chicago's Haymarket Square that ended with a police riot that left over a dozen dead. The political trial and hanging of four anarchists that followed sparked protests around the world and the designation by the Second International of May 1 as International Workers' Day, more commonly known as May Day. But does commemoration of a 19th century incident have relevance for people in the 21st century? Does demonstrating on May Day have meaning for you?

This week, Jo Ann and Dave will explore the relevance of May Day for communities in Oregon as well as around the world. They'll be joined by Andrea Townsend, an organizer with Portland Jobs with Justice, to talk about May Day's meaning to local struggles for economic and social justice as well as about the rally and march planned in downtown Portland sponsored by her organization. Join us in the conversation and let us know if you've participated in May Day and what it means to you.

The conversation doesn't end when the program does. You can join in additional discussion of the week's issue on our blog at (click on the "blog" tab). You'll find additional information, important links, comments from other listeners and commentary from Jo Ann and Dave. Have a question for our guests, but can't call in during the program? Post your questions on line so we can make them a part of the Voices discussion.

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