Jumped In With Both Feet


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Well, I sat in the hot seat last weekend, Saturday, September 27, as I hosted my first music show; filling in for Deena...thanks to Brooke, my partner in crime that night, I wouldn't have gotten through that first hour without you...thanks again.  I'm hoping I can develop another voice by jumping in where I can while attempting to carve out a show that has an impact or at least some meaning.  Either in a talk show, interview style format with Bread and Roses, which airs Friday at 6pm or discovering messages in the music that can be called out and left for the listeners to ponder...planting the seed...food for thought. 

Back to the hot seat, yes it was stressful because I was taking on a genre of music that I'm not overly versed in and some of the songs that I played were waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to explicit for my R&B, World and Jazz-oriented ears.  So much so that I spent three days analyzing what I played and realized that that voice is not me even though the backline beats moved me to dance and moved me to a level of joy.  Those who listened that night, my apologies because even though I listened to all the songs prior to airing them, I realized the possible impact I may have left on those who believe that our people should be denegrated by being called out as "Bs," "Hos," "Pimps and "Ns."

So what's next...Tonight, Saturday, October 4, I get the chance to do it again and I'm feeling waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better about what I'm going to deliver now that I've been in the hot seat and survived the fire.  I'll also be back on the airwaves flexing my love muscle for the art form known as Jazz with some Spoken Word sprinkled in to deliver messages that come across in the music.  That's Thursday, October 9th from 7pm - 9pm...yes, we're still in membership drive time so all the more reason for you to listen, call in and pledge your support to an institution that has been around for 40 years.  Oh, when you call in your pledge feel free to give me your thoughts about what I'm playing...

Ciao for now....